A Good Video Editor Has to Be a Good Story Teller

A good wedding Videographer has to be a good story teller. There are many factors that go into creating a great wedding video such as lighting, sound, video quality, camera stability, and being a good editor. One factor that very few people look into when hiring a videographer for their wedding, is the editing factor. For some people editing is a four letter word. They think editing takes things out of their wedding video and short changes them on the amount of video they will be getting. That is a completely wrong assessment of what video editing really is. A good San Diego Wedding Videographer can edit a jumbled mess of footage into a beautiful, graceful, romantic, exciting video, that you enjoy watching over and over again. Editing doesn’t mean removing, to me editing means organizing and polishing. Aside from telling the story in a more organized way, you also add special effects, like the slow walking down the aisle or the black and white moody shot, or the blurred images coming romantically into focus. Those things don’t just happen on their own, the video editor has to create the story and the mood with editing.

When I edit a wedding video I don’t take out footage, I eliminate, mistakes, and polish what is left. I organize the events, and frame out the story telling. With modern non-linear editing you can make a jumble of footage, shot at different times throughout the day into something that makes sense. For example, lets say you have a wedding video at the reception, you start off with the best man speech, dancing, father of the bride gives a speech, more dancing, cake cutting, mother of groom now decides to say a few words, more dancing, then people start departing, now more footage of a few friends deciding to say a few words after everyone has left. Do you edit all these pieces together chronologically as I just stated them, or do you take all the toasts, speeches, and guests comments and put them together into a cohesive section so that it all flows together better? That is where editing technique comes into play.

This isn’t to say that any technique is better or worse than any other, it’s just to say that each one has a different style or flavor to it. Pick your wedding videographer based on your style and flavor. Check out their samples and see what they have to offer. If you like their samples, then talk more to them. If you don’t like their samples, move on to one you do like.