Blog Video Editor – Make it Easy to Video Blog!

Blog video – the newest form of blogging!

There is no doubt that video is taking the web by storm, especially with web 2.0 (I still can’t get a clear definition of this, but it basically means people are forming little communities online).

Having used some blog sites that were easy enough, adding video to them was quite difficult or not even an option with some. I use blogging to get traffic to my web sites, and I also use video to –

1- build trust with my viewer

2 – demo products or services

3 – fun!

People will remember far more of what they see and hear together, so if you have a business message video is fast going to become the norm. Be ahead of the game now and have the edge.

To edit your blogs you could try the service I use, which for a small fee actually gives you so many more features that I won’t go into here. It transcodes my videos into streaming media and hosts it for me. If I want to edit my video here I use Windows Movie Maker, which makes it very easy to add transitions, merge 2 or more video clips and add text.

Everything is click and drag which is so easy I can use it!

If you are unlucky enough to be using another form blog site and want to add video then you have a much harder job of knowing which video is where and editing it. Again, Windows movie maker would be the preferred choice – it’s free and pretty effective.