Recording an Effective Video for Your Website – 7 Steps to Creating Your Message

You’ve set up your webcam, the recording software and your video hosting service. Now, you’re ready to start recording your own video. But what do you say and how do you say it? What is it that your customers are really looking for? Here are 7 tips to help you get started with your unique message and video marketing online.

Be comfortable and relaxed. This is the unique part of having a web camera at your disposable. You can make as many recordings as you like, take your time and submit the best ones. Sit or stand with good posture. Avoid slouching, fidgeting, big gestures and speaking too fast – unless it’s a clever part of your message! And if you mess up, it’s okay – no one is looking over your shoulder. You can just re-start the recording process and make as many recordings as you need to. Don’t worry about getting everything in one take. Your video editor or editing software can combine shorter pieces to make an interesting finished video.

Be prepared. Get comfortable with your answers in advance and phrase them the way you like. Think about all the frequently asked questions that come to you every week. I’m sure you’re constantly answering some of the same questions over and over again. FAQ’s are a good place to start, because it’s probably what more people are wanting to know about.

Be focused. Phrase up the question, mentally prepare yourself with the answer and push the record button. Don’t ramble – stay on point with your topic. Avoid reading from a script – you are establishing yourself as the expert, talk about what you already know. Organize a clear message that includes tips or steps that will inform and interest your viewer – the last thing your customer wants to see is a sales pitch. Look directly at the camera and maintain eye contact.

Be the expert. When the customer is searching online for a professional, they care about your education and your background – but, more often than not, they’re looking for a specific answer to a specific question. This is the way to connect to a potential client. Don’t bore the viewer with statistics and titles, this information is already on your website anyway. Inform and engage the customer by connecting your expertise to their situation.

Be specific, be helpful – give real answers. For instance, “I just started a business. Am I a sole proprietor and what are the tax advantages of that?” “I’m looking for a house. What is a short sale?” “I was just in a car accident. Do I really need a lawyer?” These are real questions by real people and you need to give real answers. You may discover that you can develop a whole series of answers to a set of related questions.

Be creative. The most creative answer is the most interesting answer. Show who you are – unleash your personality. You can use props and a creative setting. Demonstrate a technique or a product. It’s okay to be funny, energetic and entertaining, as well as, informational. The viewer will get interested in you and get a sense of who you are.

Be yourself – be personal. The best way to set yourself apart is just be natural. Speak to the camera as if it were the customer in your office. Your customers want to get to know you – an effective video is one that will reflect who you are and what you can do. You’re speaking from your heart, as well as, your experience – be authentic and smile. A personal message will create a trust and a comfort level with your customer before you even meet. They will want to call and get a meeting with you – with that kind of incentive, it’s time to get recording right away!

So, settle into a comfortable setting with your webcam, don’t forget to do a test recording to make sure your software is working correctly, and create your unique video.